Welcome! My name is Lima Bergmann and I am a business mentor excited to share with you the skills and strategies I have used to become a successful entrepreneur. I’m also here to make sure that your business goals are aligned with your passion and purpose in life so that you look forward to putting your new skills into action every single day. Action is the keyword here. I will provide you with plenty of resources here to put into action.


Straight out of high school, I worked as a bookkeeper and a payroll clerk. Numbers were my thing back then. After a near fatal car accident I went back to school and got a Doctorate in Psychology. Near death experiences have a way of changing you and your outlook on life. I don’t recommend taking a trip to the other side to find your purpose though. I’ll give you some better strategies for that!

I worked as a psychologist for 25 years while I raised two daughters with my husband, Reid. When our daughters began acting professionally, I homeschooled them and worked my psychology practice in the evenings and on weekends. Those were some  busy years but super rewarding to be able to give our girls the opportunity to live their passion.


Around the time of my youngest leaving for college, a friend of mine told me about her new side business in Network Marketing. There is no inventory, no parties required, and no quotas to meet. It is literally a business you can run from your laptop anywhere you have wifi. I knew nothing about the business model but the founders of this company had a world wide reputation, the products were clinically proven and had a 60 day money back guarantee, and the company was about to go global.I was intrigued because of the flexibility and income potential so I purchased a Business Kit. I’m married to a lawyer, so he did some research and gave the thumbs up!   Side gig….check.


So what happened? Nothing. For the first year and a half I pretty much sat on it. I didn’t have the skills to work it, I didn’t have a big enough reason to work it, and I wondered why everyone else in my upline was crushing it when I wasn’t.  So, I read some books on the business model, I read some books by successful leaders in the field, and I did everything my upline told me to do. The result was… still not much growth at all. What the heck?


The bottom line was, I wasn’t comfortable looking like a daily ad on my personal Facebook page and I also wasn’t comfortable asking strangers to hear my presentation in my home or at the local cafe’s. However, I still believed in the potential of the business. So I did some more research and found that there was another avenue to success called “Attraction Marketing.”  It brings people to you who are already interested in what you have vs. talking about it to everyone who crosses your path and hoping someone will show interest. Social media makes this type of marketing incredibly easy. Suddenly, my business was growing!


I also dug deep into my “why.”  I found that the real reason I love this business model so much is because I can help other people make their dreams come true by being a good mentor. By doing regular team trainings and genuinely matching the efforts of every person I work with, I am tapping into the core of my own life purpose. My business shifted immediately and the attraction marketing strategies were the key once I put what I learned into action. That is my goal here with you. Whether you are just starting out or you are looking for some tips to build your current business, you will find blog posts, videos, and recommended resources to help you.


Finally, you might be wondering what the “Intuitive” part of Intuitive Online Marketing means. Well, that’s another part of who I am and what I do. My ability to easily tap into that is something I bring to your training with me as a member of my team. As an entrepreneur, you’re already someone who has a more holistic approach to life. I strive to help you trust yourself, trust your intuition, trust your decisions, trust your failures and your successes as part of your growth, and know that your business will grow the more you believe it is something you must do to satisfy your soul purpose. Here’s to your success!

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